Stanley People Photos 22

  Picture 1 - 1960 in 7 County Place

  Picture 2 - Beeler Ian George & Bob O'Brien 

  Picture 3 - Beeler & Susie's Silver Wedding  1973

  Picture 4 -  (thanks to Tracy Jane MacDonald for these 3 photos)

 Back:   L to R:  Johnny Fordyce, Frances Donaldson, Amy McPherson, Alan Wells, Effie Cameron, Jim Donaldson.  Front:  Edna Donaldson, Jimmy Donaldson, Nan Wells, Ian Wells, Bunt Donaldson.

Beeler, Ian, George & Bob O'Brien

L to R:  Back.  Margaret, Ethel, Susie & Jo O'Brien, Poackie Donaldson, Rene, Lily, May, ?? & Mary O'Brien, Betty Lennon, ??, Margaret Sharpe, Helen O'Brien.  Front: Ann Ferry, Katie Ferry, ??, ??, Elsie O'Brien, ??, ??, ??, Catherine  O'Brien (Toots), Miggie O'Brien.

L to R:   Back.   Billy O'Brien, Eck O'Brien, Arthur Wiliamson, ??, Jockie Donaldson, Beeler O'Brien, ??, Johnny Stewart, Pat O'Brien, Dod Donaldson, Ally Anderson, Geordie Stewart, George Wightman, James O'Brien (Fifi), ??, Ian O'Brien.  Front:  Paddy Ferry, Archie Simpson, ??, Ecky O'Brien, Jimmy Coghlan, Lawrence O'Brien.