Stanley People Photos 16

 Picture 1 1940's (thanks to Kate Gairns for this photo)

 Picture 2 - 1950's (thanks to Mary Cura for this photo)

 Picture 3 - 1950's School Trip to Edinburgh

 Picture 4 - Stanley Boy Scouts  (thanks to Pate Cameron for these 2  photos)

Kate Gairns and Hilda Crawford.

Dance at Murthly Hall. L to R:  Isobel Shepherd, ??, Rena Thomson, Ann Williamson, Marion Williamson, Doreen Dickson, Mary Cura & Margaret Fotheringham.

School Trip1950's to Edinburgh.  Back:  L to R  Henry Simpson, Derek Culbert, Davie Scott, Sandy Falconer, Raymond Blair, Ian McArthur, Bill Morton.  Front: Sandy Wann, Davie Phillips,  Valerie Wells, Bill Cameron, Andy Turner, Doug Gourlay.

L to R:  Derek Culbert, Bill Cameron, Dave O'Brien, Pike Smith, Peter Panton, John Cameron, Eck O'Brien, Davie Scott, John Taylor.