Stanley People Photos 9

 Picture 1 - Holiday snaps  (thanks to Peter Cameron for these 4 photos)

 Picture 2 - Holiday snaps

 Picture 3 - Holiday snaps

 Picture 4 - Down the Linn

L to R:  Pate Cameron, Gordon Jolly, Davie Berwick, Gordon Howie - Knobbly Knees competition at Butlins

Pate Cameron, Buff Harrington and Bob Campbell on holiday.

Pate Cameron, Gordon Howie, Bob Campbell, Buff Harrington. Davy Berwick on holiday at Butlins.  Nice baseball boots lads! 

Back:  Buff Harrington, Geordie Stewart, Pate Cameron, Bob Campbell. Front:  Bill Gourlay, Malcolm Lawson, Jimmy Blyth,  Alvin Dickson, Mo Morton, Sandy Wells.