Stanley People Photos 8

 Picture 1 - Coronation 1937 (thanks to Jack Ford for this one)

 Picture 2 - 1940/'s/50's  (thanks to Frances Fordyce for this photo)

 Picture 3 - Country Dancing 1946

 Picture 4 - 1950's PTA (thanks to Peter Cameron for this photo)

Back:  L to R:  Margaret Blyth, Sheena Morton,  Betty Mitchell, Ann Little, Maureen West, Maureen Blyth, Teacher (Evelyn Lindores), Sandra Scott, Audrey McKerchar,  Ellen Menzies, ??.  Middle:  Evelyn Menzies, Frances Donaldson, Dorothy Hancock?, Ann Dunbar, Gloria McKinlay.  Front:  Sandra Mitchell, Jean McIntosh, Alma Donaldson, Betty Menzies, Carol Cowie, Jeanette Davidson, Isobel McNaughton, Rae Strickland.

I can only make out Bunt Donaldson in the middle below the vase of flowers with the floral dress on.  Any more names please?

L to R:  Stella Ross, Effie Cameron, ??, Mrs Turner, Babs Collier, ??.  Front: Margaret Collier and Sandra Scott