Stanley People Photos 7

 Picture 1 - Coronation 1953 (thanks to Frances Fordyce for this photo)

 Picture 2 - Ex Headmaster Mr Hughes plants a tree at the Bi-centenerary

 Picture 3 - Miss McIntosh at the Bi-centenerary

 Picture 4 - Fancy Dress   (thanks to Peter Cameron for this photo)

Front: Sandy Wells, Sandra Scott, Betty Menzies, Anthea Lynch, Kathleen Cameron, Frances Donaldson. Jimmy McKerchar.  Back: Don't know

Mr Hughes ex Headmaster and Derek Cummings the oldest pupil in Primary 1 at the time plant a tree during the Bi-Centenerary celebrations.

Miss McIntosh is helped by Linda O'Brien the youngest pupil in Primary 1 at the time  to plant a tree at the Bi-centenerary celebrations

1953 Coronation Fancy Dress.  Back: Johnny Morrison, Norrie Colier, Jean McIntosh, Pate Cameron,  Rae Strickland, Sylvia Howie, Eileen Menzies,  Barbara Adamson,  Dorothy Hancock.  Middle Joe Smith (Tot the Barman), Gar Smith (Tot the Baker), Calvin Strickland,  Ian Forbes, Betty Menzies. Front:  Wanda Kilgour and Helen O'Brien.