Stanley People Photos 6

Picture 1 - Group photo at Jimmy & Mary Stevenson's Golden Wedding 1965

 Picture 2 - Pete & Nell Robertson's Ruby Wedding

 Picture 3 - Kinclaven Church Sale of Work

 Picture 4 - 1993 Senior Citizens Party (thanks to Margaret Miller for this photo)

Eck Smith, Effie Cameron, Mona Myles, Dave Myles, Jimmy Brindle,  Front: Jim Donaldson, Bunt Donaldson, Jack Taylor, Amy McPherson, Alec Ross, Cathie Brindle,  Sitting: Archie Stewart

Pete & Nell Robertson's Ruby Wedding

Alma Donaldson, Mary Haimes and Mrs Haimes extreme left and Mrs Smith 5th from the left.  Extreme right Catherine West.    Any more names?

Senior Citizens Party 1993.