Stanley People Photos 3

  Picture 1  (thanks to Peter Cameron for this photo)

  Picture 2  (thanks to Peter Cameron and Graham Buchanan for this photo)

  Picture 3  (thanks to Jack Ford for this photo)

  Picture 4  (thanks to Willie Wann for this photo)

L to R:  Jock Cameron Snr (auld Jeck), Jimmy Johnston and Jock Cameron (Jnr)

Jock Cameron's Bakers Van outside Culberts' Garage in Duchess St.  L to R:  Eddie Cargill Butcher), Wull or Jock Culbert and Wull Cameron. 

Jimmy Smith's Bakers Van outside Burnside Cottages.  Note the telephone number Stanley 23 - This was later changed to Stanley 223 then 828223.

Willie "Pop" Wann  Stanley Postie 1919 -1951.  In 1932 he became a driver and never had an accident  in his 19 years driving.  He received the Imperial Service Medal from the Perth Postmaster Mr J B Gilmour for long service.