Stanley People Photos 1

 Picture 1 - 1953 - Harry Blair's Presentation on emigrating to Canada

 Picture 2 - Richardson Kettle Curling Winners

 Picture 3 -Ballathie Curling

 Picture 4 - 1920/30's

L to R:  T Duncan, Harry Blair, Bob Templeman, Charlie Millar, Willie (Daddy) Kay, Jimmy Milne, Geordie Cramb, Bobby White, Jim Donaldson, Jimmy Robertson.

Jack Gill, Mary & David Fleming & Jim Donaldson winners of the Richardson Kettle.

Jim Donaldson and Harry Blair

Henry (Harry) Donaldson in his garden in King Street.  Tower Church Manse is behind him.  Born 4th March 1875 in Findo-Gask.  Died 1st July 1940 in Stanley and lies at rest in Kirkhill. He is proudly showing off his WW1 medals and at the time of his death during WW2 had one son in the Royal Navy, one in the Army, two in the RAF and the eldest son in the National Fire Service..