Stanley Photos 44

  Picture 1 - Stanley Bus Service

  Picture 2 - 2015 (thanks to Ian Forbes for these three photos)

  Picture 3 - 2015

  Picture 4 - 2015

Thanks to George Bryson from Luncarty for providing this photo which appeared as an advertisement in the Perth Official Guide Book circa 1924.   I'm hoping to get further information on this soon.  The timetable shows two services on weekdays with five on a Saturday and four on Sundays.

We've recently received a batch of Stanley photos from Ian Forbes who spent his working life as a photographer and some of these will be uploaded over the next few weeks. The first of Ian's photos  shows the house Ian grew up in which you will all know is in Percy Street.  Ian has some older photos of Stanley and their personalities and we hope to receive them from him when time permits.  Thanks Ian.

Footnote:  Alan Wells has also commented that his Grandfather who was a gardener lived in this house and brought up Alan's father Alex as well as Mary, Jenny, Dave Peter and John.  Alan used to get a sweetie for delivering his Grandad's Sunday Post in the 1940's.

Stanley School main entrance

Stanley School