Stanley Photos 43

  Picture 1 - 1992 (thanks to Elizabeth Cameron for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 2014 (thanks to Nan Tait for these 3 photos)

  Picture 3 - 2014

  Picture 3 - 2014

Old Stanley Village Hall - actually named The Temperance Hall - which was situated in East Brougham Street.  Doctor Hall who lived next door in Hobart House purchased it  after the  former St James' Church in Perth Road became the Village Hall.   The Temperance Hall is now demolished and a house stands on the site.  Andy Stewart appeared here several times at Lodge 1262 Burns' Suppers in the early 1960's and my generation will remember going to the pictures in the hall prior to then.

Here's three photos taken by Nan Tait in September 2014 whilst taking a walk in a field up the Bankfoot Road.  The first two are looking towards Manse Crescent and the third towards Balbeggie and Wolfhill.

Bankfoot Road and Manse Crescent.

Looking towards Balbeggie and Wolfhill.