Stanley Photos 37

  Picture 1 - 1960's (thanks to Ivan Haggart for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 1900

  Picture 3 - 1910

  Picture 4 - 2011

This photo was taken by Ivan Haggart and David John Henderson when they flew in a Cessna aircraft from Scone Aerodrome in the 1960's.  Johnnie went to Aberdeen University then entered the RAF after graduating.  He was a fighter pilot flying Hunters and married Doctor Hall's daughter Zoe.  After the RAF he became a Captain with Singapore Airlines until retirement.  Ivan and Johnnie were next door neighbours in Stanley and their houses can just be seen at around 7 o'clock at the end of the Bankfoot Road.

 Here's two photos that Nan Tait come by recently.  Burnmouth Ferry 1900 and Campbell's shop below 1910.

Campbell's shop in King Street 1910.

Canoeist near Red Rocks?