Stanley Photos 36

  Picture 1 - A & C McLennan bus tickets (thanks to Bob Scott for this)

  Picture 2 - Curling Pond April 2011 - thanks to Nan Tait for these 3 photos)

  Picture 3 - Curling Pond

  Picture 4 - Curling Pond

This will be familiar to older browsers who will remember Helen Lennon and Peg McNaughton with these spring loaded clips of tickets.

Photo of the old curling pond taken from the recently opened country walk (understand it cost 25000.00) from Shiellhill to Mill Street.  The frozen curling pond in winter kept many of us amused with ice hockey games etc and is now in a sorry state.

An overgrown curling pond.

Curling pond at the Mill end where we used to catch sticklebacks, tadpoles etc.