Stanley Photos 35

  Picture 1 - 1910 (thanks to Ivan Haggart for these three photos)

  Picture 2 - 1910

  Picture 3 - 1910

  Picture 4 - 2011 (thanks to Leigh Mitchell for this photo)

Photo would have been taken from Tower Church.  Either a steam train just above the school or stour from the fields.  (Steam train seems most likely as farm machinery would be drawn by horses in 1910 and they couldn't go that fast).

Good shot showing Allan's Bakery in Charlotte Street.  He also had the shop in King Street.

Similar to photo No 1.  These photos may already be on the website but they are worth displaying again.  Ivan Haggart recently found them in a drawer in his home in Toronto, Canada.

This photo was taken on Leigh Mitchell's mobile phone from her front door in King St in February 2011. I realise folk in Stanley will be familiar and probably fed up of these wintry scenes but hopefully it will be of interest to ex Stanley people now living in warmer climates overseas.