Stanley Photos 30

  Picture 1 - Mill Street 1950's (thanks to Kate Gairns for this photo)

  Picture 2 - Perth Road 1912  (thanks to Roy Mitchell for these 3 photos)

  Picture 3 - The Cross

  Picture 4 - War Memorial & Tennis Courts 1938

Mill Street taken around late 1950's.  Residents at that time would be Mrs Scott,  Chris Cowie, Mrs Winter, Mrs Mentiply, Donald McPherson, Mrs Samuel, Mrs Carswell , Mrs Gilzean.  In 1962 there would be Jean McNaught, Chris Cowie,  Ron & Edna Gourlay, Mrs Fothergill, McPherson sisters, Grace Samuel, Andrew Carswell and Dolly Hancock.

Postcard 1912

The Cross - no date (anyone hazard a guess?)  is that a police car at the chip shop?

Postcard - 1938