Stanley Mill Photos 11

  Picture 1 - 1955                  (thanks to Jim Harvey for

  Picture 2 - 1955/56                    these 2 photos)

  Picture 3 - 1971 Mill Party  (thanks to Margaret Melville 

  Picture 4 - 1971 Mill Party      for these 2 photos)

Power station crew pictured during the 2 weeks shut down maintenance period in July 1955.  Back row L to R:  Jimmy Lawrence, Stephan ?, Dave Harvey, Ronnie Davidson, Jock Harrington.  Middle:  Ally Scott, Davie Dunbar, Cully Robertson, Jock Scott, Bob Mudie, Bob Brodie.  Front:  Jock McIntosh, Dave Myles, Bruno ?.

Photo taken outside the electrical workshop.   Back L to R:  Davie Dunbar, Frank Smith, Dave Harvey.  Front Bob Mudie & Derek Culbert.

Back  L to R: Chrissie Coutts, Margaret Duke, Isobel Ferguson, Doreen Taylor, Alice Lennon, Isobel Caw, May Wann.  Front:  Mary Collie & D McLaren.

L to R: Chrissie Coutts, Doreen Taylor, Margaret Duke, Isobel Ferguson, Kate Gairns, Alice Lennon, Isobel Caw & Scoobie Dunbar.