Stanley Mill Photos 3

  Picture 1 - See details below (thanks to Stanley School for this photo)

  Picture 2 - Ina Gordon's  retiral (thanks to Phyllis Culbert for this photo)

  Picture 3 - 1924/25  

  Picture 4 - Annie McKerchar retires from Stanley Mills - 1984

School children re-enacting an exodus from the Mill - linking arms and singing as the Mill lassies used to do walking up the brae. 

L to R:  Margaret , Jim Shaw, John Culbert, June McNicoll, Roy MacGregor, Eugenia Wolk, and  Ina Gordon taken at her retirement from the Mill Office.

Back: L to R:  G McPherson (Foreman), J Gay (Joiner), J Stewart (Apprentice), T Pryde, J Johnstone, J Pryde, J Williamson, G Torbet (Apprentice), J Taylor (Hammerman), J Ferguson (Blacksmith).  Front:  J Tobit, A Dow (Joiner), G Stewart, J Scott, S Wood (Apprentice), D Anderson.

Annie McKerchar's retirement from Stanley Mills.  L to R:  Anne Miller (daughter) nee McKerchar, Chrissie Coutts, Ethel Smith.