This is the page to send in your photos and memories of your street and depends very much on your contribution. 

Thanks to David Minnett for this photo taken from a bedroom in the Tayside Hotel 1979




I have compiled the following with the help of Mrs Peggy Jolly and Mrs Kate Gairns.  Apologies for any errors/omissions.

Mill Street, starting at Linn Road

Mrs Shepherd, Jock, Dave

Mrs and Mrs Ramsay, Peter, Christine, Helen, George

Mrs and Mrs Davidson, Miriam, David, John,

Mrs and Mrs Jolly, Gordon, Dod

Mrs and Mrs Simpson, Peter, Ivan, Catriona

Mrs and Mrs Tait, Bobby, Isa, Nan

Mrs and Mrs Graham, Rachael, Ian, David

Mrs and Mrs Slessor, Bert, Andy, Margaret

Mr and Mrs Leckie, Margo, Moira

Mr and Mrs Harvey, David, Jimmy, Albert

Mr and Mrs Morton, Adam, Wullie, Barbara, John, Nan,  

Mr & Mrs Stewart, Gordon, Douglas, Raymond

Mill Street, from Perth Road


Mrs Morris, Jane, Judy

Bob Donaldson

Bridgend Cottages

Mrs Millar (Landlady)

Mr and Mrs Winter, Sheila, Margaret

Mrs Ford and Son

Miss McLeish

Miss J Campbell.

Miss Mary Haggart and Mr John Haggart


Tayside Hostel, later Tayside Hotel


Mr and Mrs Mackay

Mr and Mrs Duncanson

United Free Church


Cottages in Mill Street

Carswell Family

Samuel Family 

Hancock Family 

McPherson Sisters

Mrs and Mrs Gairns

Mrs Fothergill

Scott Family

Nan Tait   16th March 2006


My best memory of Stanley is, the long hot summers when we were all young and still at school - long school holidays spent doon the linn or picking berries. No worries -  a jam piece at the end o' the dreel and a flask o' tea. Thought we were the bees knees. Happy days.

Ann Black nee' Ferry (ex Mill Street)   11th June 2006  

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