Stanley Memories

Tony Scott.  Not born in Stanley but spent my formative years there.    

The berries - Long hot summer days picking the fruit to make ends meet for my Mum to get us school uniforms for the next year at school.

Brian Roy falling asleep at the wheel of Curries milk van one winter's morning.  God I got a fright!  Lindsay Roy, blonde haired student doing the milk round during Brian's summer holidays. We thought he was a cool guy.  Now the Rector at Inverkeithing High School.  (You've come a long way from that beat up VW Beetle).

Stanley Rovers and United.  The smallest football league in the world made the front page of the Daily Record with the 10p transfer between teams.  The 10p man was born.

The Army Cadets at Dunkeld.  Chic McDonald - thanks my friend for giving us such an exciting time.  Magic days!

Sorting out the papers in a wee hut at the back of Haggarts.  Papers were late on a Thursday because I'd be reading something young boys shouldn't read at that age.  Still it's only recently that I have come to need glasses.

Speaking of glasses the rumour that I broke Mr Munro's glasses were greatly exaggerated.  The biggest fear was the belt from big UG, the woodwork teacher - a man mountain.

Hello to old pals - Lush, Fifi, D Hughes, J Devine, T Dunbar, 10p man, H Murray, Bugsy.

Tony Scott 11th March 2007