Some of my memories as a laddie in Stanley - by Fred McKerchar.    

1950 -1965

First house was in Brougham Street with my parents  (where the old folks houses are now). Loads of stories on the outside toilets - door blowing off when my Dad was in it.  Then moved up a gear to 20 Athole Drive, can still name almost everyone there, will submit later.

My Auntie Jessie stayed in Mill St, I remember we used to play in the "backs" behind Store St and when caught short nipping over to use Jessie's outside dry toilets. When visiting her she used to complain about the mystery "extras" in her toilet.

Starting school with the formidable Miss McIntosh-still remember the ruler on the knuckles-would she be guilty of child abuse in our now political correct times?

My Mum and all the Mill workers, (now realise how hard they had to work) linking arms and pulling themselves up the Mill Brae, sometimes a small diversion would be required into Clarkies, where accompanied by Werner Reichie, Ian Lennon, George Cowie, John Davidson etc. we would often tie the pub doors together and have a laugh at them trying to get out - my Dad often requested this!

Playing down the back o the Mill, great place - looks a bit worse for wear now or is this just a tainted memory, feel like you almost need permission to be there now, perhaps others have thoughts on this.

Hot days at the Berries and stained hands. Creamola Foam and tomato sandwiches - great - gone in the first ten minutes, what happened to this luxury drink? My Mum could never understand why Anne always earned three times more than me.

Tattie holidays were for the tatties. Never mind it was worth it for the luxury caravan in Arbroath-next to all your mates, after the train journey from Stanley - thought we were on the other side of the moon.

Desperate to play for school football team, when I finally got selected I dislocated my shoulder in the kick about before the start. Luncartys Ian Ferguson (Girky) banged into me. That was the start of numerous dislocations. Ian still talks about that to-day.

Remember playing football in Athole Drive when the news of Kennedy's assassination came through- strange how we all remember this.

Angelos snooker hall, Dave Green was always the best player. The famous pedro the cue. Disgrace and infamy when myself I believe George Cowie, Johnny Davidson and I think Jimmy McMorrin "acquired some eggs" from Angelos snooker hall and had an egg fight, Angelo caught with a flying yolk and phoned the local bobby (Jimmy Cant I think) we were terrified.


Great memories of the darts league we had a good teams at Tayside, Clarkies, and the Strathord with Rab Warden one of the best players in Perthshire. Bob Morton (Adam's Dad) introduced me to Darts, that was the start of many great nights  in the Perthshire and Stanley Summer League. Johnny Davidson and myself ran the Tayside team for years, had Sandy Whytock, Nick Whytock, Konrad (transport manager) George, Jimmy Lennon etc and a few guys from Perth playing.

First trip to Wembley in circa 1968 stayed at Crystal Palace only to be amazed when we were told Wembley was 8 miles away. Young Stanley guys trying to work out the tube (met the Charlton brothers on the tube) was hilarious to the locals, somehow we got back- via Soho of course, (like ducks out of water) No one seemed to care about under age drinking and oh Scotland got gubbed 1-0. I remember being with George Cowie, Johnny Davidson, Jack Ewan.???

 * * * * * * * *

Finally thought it would be interesting if anyone has memories of famous Stanley Sons and Daughters.

In regard to football we have Raymond Stewart,- Dundee United, West Ham, St Johnstone and Scotland (surely worthy of some recognition) Also involved in coaching.

My namesake - Freddie Pirie played for Clyde and Accrington Stanley

Gus Williamson played for ?

Mark Fertacz- St Johnstone and Scotland.

The late Jimmy Lennon ex Jeanfield and Stanley Juveniles Manager was well respected and a major influence in developing football in Stanley

Dave Allan Senior always helped youth football in Stanley.

Others who made a great impact were all the great Stanley Juvenile side of the sixties and seventies. Remember printing posters for the Scottish Cup Final v Inverurie (I think) anyone any further details? Still watch them occasionally (now Amateurs) Ronnie Northcott and family still involved. Amazingly they play at Dunkeld cannot get use of the school pitch, surely Stanley with their history should be playing in Stanley?


I am sure there are many others, -may be worth Jim opening a section on this.

***  (That's sorted now Fred - there's a football page on the site). JD

Have now retired after ten years in the printing trade and thirty years in the Prison Service. Worked in the Prison Service with George Jolly (Dod) Euan Clark (from Clarkies) Ian Ferguson from Luncarty (still there)
Married Liz from Tayside Hotel some thirty three years ago, have two daughters Kirsten and Julie and three Granddaughters ,Lucy, Mary and Amy.
Mum still lives in Stanley at Shielhill place.

Fred McKerchar - 26 November 2005