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Thanks to Ivan Haggart for this photo

In response to your request for more info on County Place, the residents in the late 40's/early 50's as I remember were as follows:


No 1 - Mrs Menzies and her grandchildren, Ellen, Betty and Evelyn

No 2 - cannot remember their names but they were an elderly couple - subsequently Dod Ford & his wife

No 3 - The Lynchs - Nancen and his wife (?), also Anthea, Alan and Roddy. then Ronnie Davidson and his wife

No 4 - The Adamsons - Jack and his wife (?), also Connie, Barbara and Jaqueline

No 5 - The Sheddens - Davie and Janine, also Beatrice and John

No 6 - The Brysons - Ned and his wife

No 7 - Alex and Nan Wells, also Alan, Sandie and Ian

No 8 - Mrs Dorward and then the Coutts, David and his wife (?)

No 9 - Cathy and Jack Taylor (sister and brother)

No 10 - The Stevensons (Valerie Wells's Gran and Grandad)

No 11 - The Wanns, Mr & Mrs also Ian (Royal Navy) and Mae - subsequently when Mae married, Len & Mae Preston, then Roy McGregor

No 12 - The (other) Stevensons

Alan Wells 12th July 2006


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