This is the page to send in your photos and memories of your street and   depends very much on your contribution. 

My memories of Athole Drive during the Fifties and Sixties, thanks to my Mum  and Sister for their help in jogging some memories. There will be some errors - names missing etc hopefully others will mail in with their thoughts.


After compiling the names it came to my mind that love must have been all around, there were a few Athole Drive Marriages:

George Stewart and Margaret Sharp-Both Athole Dr

John Lennon and Linda Lakie-Both Athole Dr

Ian Lennon and Fiona Ewan-Both Athole Dr

Bob O'Brien and Helen Stewart-Both Athole Dr

Pam Armstrong, Athole Dr ,Werner Reichie (Store St)

Jean Sharp, Athole Dr,  Rab Warden (Mill St)

Sybil Dunbar, Athole Dr, Dunc Lennon (Manse Crescent)


Some other ditties- I know there are many others

My Uncle Dunc at No One was also a well known and controversial First Division referee.

Margaret Stewart nee Sharp still looks after the children at the school crossing -must have done this for many a year.

George Stewart must know every blade of grass on the Tay.

Gregory Robb vans can be seen everywhere in the town.

Harry Lennon had a career in the Fire Brigade. Fred McKerchar a career in the Prison Service

Johnny Lennon had a well respected career in Nursing.

George Stewart was a good boxer and is still the local Ghillie etc

Johnny Stewart manages the local plumbing company.

I think my Dad painted most of the houses

Big Sandy Winters with his red face was a great character

Jimmy, Ian and Alan Lennon, Bob Campbell all went on to Senior and Junior football.

Harry Ferguson used to run Ian and me to every St Johnstone game or failing this it was the 2.30 bus -(used to be full in these days)

Alex Duncanson & Willie Stevenson in Australia, Dave O' Brien in Canada.

Anne McKerchar and Danny ran the bookies in Anstruther (still there)

Dave Berwick joined the Marines.

Bert Collier was a great Artist

Open doors at New Year

Are George and Margaret Stewart the only ones remaining in the Drive?


From No 2 down the street and back to Number one and down again.  Still remember most of them:

Dunc and Helen McKerchar.    Audrey, Duncan, Sheena, James, Stella. Billy and Greg, followed by Mr Mrs Ewan.    Fiona and ? the flop eared Alsatian

Jimmy and Betty Lennon.    Jimmy, Ian Alan and Margaret.

Mr Mrs Mentiply.    Gordon and Douglas.

Bill Susie O,Brien.     Elsie, John, Billy, Lawrence, Margaret, Katherine, James, Bob, Ian and Eck.


Mr Mrs John Kay.    Elizabeth Janet and John.

Mr Mrs Campbell.    Jimmy Bob and Fay.

Danny and Mary Devine.    Jimmy, John, Dennis and daughters Martha Agnes, Janette, Vicky Theresa.


Sid, Jim. Hilda, Muriel, Dawn Bendall,  then Dave and Cissie Lakie.    Lynda, Gail, Morna, Donna, Gynis, Yvonne and Shona.

Jack and Ida Stewart.    George, Margaret, Johnny, Helen, James.

Alex and Jenny Logie then Farquharson family  then Mr Mrs Tam Davidson .then Alan and Rena Lambert.     Rena.

Jim and Annie McKerchar.    Anne and Fred.


Mr Mrs Bruce.    Ian, Helen and Fiona.

Mr Mrs McDonald .   Christine, Aileen, Moira, Lesley,   then Mr. Mrs Sharp.    Margaret, Celia, Janet Isabel, Jean and Willie.

Jack and Cathy Ewan.    Jackie, Norma, and Murray.

Will and Betty Stevenson.    Hilary, Ingrid, William, Shirley, Charles.


Mr Mrs Duncanson.    Alex and Rhoda    - then Tait Family?

Bert and Babs Collier.    Norman and Margaret.


Jock and Cathy Lennon.    Johnny and Marleen?

Jack and Margaret Alan .   Angela, Pat and Sandra

Mr Mrs Halley.    Stewart, Tom, Anne and Joan.

Mr Mrs Dick Johnstone.  Isabel


Bill and Violet Smith.    Billy

Helen Robb and son Ronald.

Mr Mrs Sandy Winters .   Margaret and Sheila

Mrs McGregor.     Dunbar Family?


Mr Mrs Lennon.    David, Kathleen, Harry, Lydia, Stephen and Richard

Mr Mrs Pratt.    Alan

Jock and Peggy McGregor.    Rena

Dave and Mary Dunbar.    Sybil and Stuart-moved to Store St


Diesel Dave and Spud Graham.        Mrs Menzies.    Anne, June and Charles.

George and Margaret Stewart. Karen and Debbie.   Jim and Margaret Kirkpatrick , Gerald and George.


Mr Mrs Berwick.   Bob & Billy Gannon,  Dave and Kathleen.

Mr Mrs Jock Balneaves.    Dorothy and Jack.

Jock and Jess Cowan    Ian.    then Mr, Mrs Dave Armstrong    Pamela

Mr Mrs Steel .   Drew


Grant Family.

Mr Mrs Grant McGlaughlin.   Isabel and Maria.

Mr Mrs Melville.    Jack, Margaret    Dick Duke

Mr Mrs Harry Ferguson.    Anne, Ian, Alan, Elizabeth.


Mrs Panton,

Alex and Marion Kennedy,    Roy

Don and Beth Farquharson ,   Maureen and Donna

Isobel and Alex Ross


Single Pensioners Houses    ????

Fred McKerchar - 10th January 2006




I have e-mailed you before and have finally put a few notes down for your website which seems to be a great success. The amount of input is testament to the quality of life Stanley gave so many. 


Athole Drive

  My name is David Minnett, and with my brother Billy and sisters Pam and Margaret,  lived in Athole Drive at No.20 (or was it No.21?) with the Kettles family for about 18 months (while my mother was convalescing from TB) during 1953-54. I was 5 years old then. I was to visit Stanley several times after that, mainly during school summer holidays.

  The Kettles family were my Uncle Jim, Aunt Jean, James & Peggy. I don’t think they were a very social lot (didn’t go to the pubs or clubs, but maybe James did!), but I know Uncle Jim would sometimes take a dram in Clarkie’s Bar on the way home from work at the mill (this used to stop his shakes from the Parkinson’s). He would probably be best remembered by most of the villagers for smoking his pipe sitting on the bench on the green opposite the school.  

  In those days Uncle Jim (nickname ‘Dom’) worked at the mill on the waterways. Aunt Jean was a housewife. I think James worked for the Forestry Commission, and Peggy worked in the offices at Pullars in Perth.

  The Kettles family lived in the village for most of their lives starting in Duchess St, then Athole Drive, Station Road and finally in Store St.

  We lived in Athole Drive  in the maisonette above the Ferguson family. Ian (Snotty) Ferguson was one of my best pals, also the little red headed (?) girl who lived opposite (Hi Rhoda Duncanson!). Miss Macintosh was my teacher at the school.

  My brother Billy was the perfect age then for ‘Stanley Life’ (about 12) and had many pals and adventures. He often had to look after me and consequently I went on many of those adventures with him, during which he put together a large wild birds egg collection. 

  I remember being abandoned by Billy in Murthly (‘Muffly’) Woods by a pond with a sunken boat. Being thrown into a haystack just over the bridge by the station entrance and being told by Billy the rats would get me. Saturday morning pictures in an old corrugated iron hall and shopping at the Co-op, with it’s sacks on the wooden floor and Scots Porridge Oats boxes on the shelves! Ian’s older sister took us for an Easter picnic. We painted eggs and ate a picnic on the grass in front of Sandeman’s house by the river. Back of the mill and along to Wallace’s Castle. All those horses under a great big tree, and fishes in the mill waterways! Berry picking at Petries (do the the tinks really pee in the pails to make the weight heavier?) Sunday morning walks up the Airntully Road , just as far as the tree that was split in two by lightning. Who was with me when we dropped a rock onto a live toad in front of the Sports Club on the Airntully Road ? Playing in the abandoned railway guards van by the railway bridge down the Linn Road . Picking wild strawberries on the railway embankment between the bridges.

  Through this web site, some of Billy’s old pals have been in touch with me and have told me more than I ever knew about him and those wonderful times we/he had in Stanley . It is a VERY special place and obviously loved by the villagers as can be seen from the input to this great website. 

  I have several photos from Stanley and I promise I will dig them out.

  Best Regards.

David Minnett - 6th April 2006.

Carshalton Beeches. Surrey.  



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