Stanley Church Photos 21

  Picture 1 - 1990's

  Picture 2 - May 1952

  Picture 3 - 1950's

  Picture 4 - 2000's

  Kirk Session.  Back:  L to R:  Ian Baxter, Sam McGowan.  Next:  Bob Leslie, Dave Fleming, Willie Burns, Sandie Wells.  Next:  Winton Brunton, Jim Shaw, ??, Isobel McGregor, Jean Rae, Stewart Dingle, Abbie Duff.  Seated:  Minnie Clark, Beth Kennedy, Alex Nicoll, Rev Ron Greig, Jean McGowan, Isobel Hunter, Chris Palmer.

Sunday School Picnic May 1952.  I can see Ian Wells extreme left eating crisps.  Ernie Anderson in the middle and possibly Lorna West in the middle.  The late Elsie McCrorie is extreme right on the front row.  Any more names?

Sunday School Picnic 1950's at Dunkeld.  Phaimie Carmichael is the adult at the back.  Other names are Stuart Dunbar, Helen Edwards, Hazel Kyle, and possibly a Manse Cres Morton centre front.  Any more names?

The late Beth Kennedy with a shy youngster and the Reverend Derek Lawson.