Stanley Church Photos 15

  Picture 1 - 1800's?  (thanks to Nan Tait for this photo)

  Picture 2 - Kinclaven U.P. Church

  Picture 3

  Picture 4 - 2009 (thanks to Steve Stockwell for this photo)

  Mrs David Stein , Sabbath School Teacher first in Dundee and then Stanley, a service of about 61 years.

The Kirk of the Muir, Kinclaven.  Oldest U.P. Church in Scotland.  Built 1744. Repaired 1830.  It is now a ruin on the edge of Taymount Wood.   Mary Slessor, the Missionary, attended a service there in 1907 (see Stanley Facts page for more details of Mary Slessor).

Mrs Davidson, Jim Shaw and Rev Ron Greig.  Presentation of Sunday School Certificates. 

Stanley Church at sunset.  Photo taken December 2009.