Stanley in Uniform Photos 19

  Picture 1 - (thanks to Gordon Reid for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 1945 (thanks to Aleta Donaldson for this photo)

  Picture 3 - 15th May 2022 (thanks to Gordon Howie for this photo)

Allan Reid and Alice (nee Gibson) who were married in Stanley on 27th March 1953 (their wedding photo is on the Wedding page).  Allan served in the Royal Navy from May 1939 to December 1953.  His medals are displayed in this photo and of particular interest is the Yangtze bar shown on his General Service Medal (GSM) on the right which he earned for taking part in the Yangtze incident in 1949 onboard HMS London.  Several people serving in HMS London were killed and their names are displayed on a war memorial in St Georges Centre Gillingham Kent. 

Stanley Welcome Home Fund.  This certificate was sent in by Aleta Donaldson.  Her Dad Allan Donaldson received it on return from war service in the Royal Navy during WWII.  Another example of the public spirit of Stanley people which existed then.

Stanley man Gordon Howie (second left) meets up with other Royal Marines veterans at the 40th anniversary of the Falklands conflict Graspan Parade and march in London on Sunday 15th May 2022.  L to R:  Gerry Evans former RSM ex 40 Commando warrior, Gordon Howie former RSM and C Company Sergeant Major 40 Commando in Falklands, Fred Cummings former British judo champion and PTI colleague of Gordon's and J Company Sergeant Major in Falklands, John Kirtley former PTI ex 42 Commando and Timber Woods ex 45 Commando.  Would have been a great day with many tales I am sure. For further details of the Royal Marines Graspan Memorial