Stanley in Uniform Photos 18

  Picture 1 - 1960's

  Picture 2 - 1980's

  Picture 3 - circa 1946 (thanks to Tom Symon for this one)

  Picture 4 - 14th October 2016

PC David (Taffy) Jones who was the Stanley bobby 1963 - 1964 after Charlie Dow.  Taffy left Stanley to return home to South Wales in November 1964 and retired from the police service there as a Chief Inspector in 1987.  See photo below.

Chief Inspector David (Taffy) Jones. (See above)

L to R:  Joe Kyle, Mary Symon, Tom Symon.

L to R: Jimmy Donaldson (Stanley Webmaster) and Gordon Howie (author of the brilliant poems on the website) at the Union Jack Club London for the Royal Naval Writers Association (RNWA) 129th annual dinner where I was honoured to receive my Life Membership certificate from Rear Admiral Chris Gardner. The RNWA is the worlds oldest military association formed in 1887 and I feel privileged to be a Life Member.  However, my bubble was burst pretty rapidly after sending the above photo to my son Steven by iPhone who replied  "you should have stood on a box".  My reply - "I was".  Footnote: One of the people in the company at the dinner was amazed of the connection that Stanley people still maintain as he knows nobody from his home town.