Stanley in Uniform Photos 11

  Picture 1 - 1973         (The Navy page)

  Picture 2 - 1973

  Picture 3 - 1995

  Picture 4 - 1995

Engineer Lieutenant Bill Hancock with Mrs Hancock at his farewell party in 1973 prior to transferring to the Royal New Zealand Navy.  Some say Bill is reminiscing about playing dominoes in Clarkies or maybe using the American sign of ordering 4 fingers of whisky.

Engineer Lieutenant Bill Hancock on transfer to the Royal New Zealand Navy in 1973.  He'd previously served in the Royal Navy joining up as a junior stoker in 1951- most of his time spent in submarines. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander shortly after transfer to the RNZN - an exceptional achievement.   Well done Bill!

Jim Donaldson receiving the Bar to his Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (30 years undetected crime in the Royal Navy) from the Lord Mayor of Newcastle upon Tyne (Councillor Barney Rice) at the Mansion House when HMS Newcastle (the Geordie Gunboat) was visiting her namesake city.


And earlier in 1995 onboard HMS Newcastle in Gibraltar on the extreme left of the picture.