Stanley in Uniform Photos 10

   Picture 1 - 1906-1919        (Thanks to Willie Wann for 

   Picture 2 - 1940's                  these four photos)

  Picture 3 - 1942

  Picture 4 - 1971

Willie (Pop) Wann 1st Battalion The Black Watch 1906-1919

Thomas Wann (Pop's son) Scots Guards G Patrol 1940-43.  Just before the war he was goalkeeper for Coupar Angus Juniors.  Also played a few games for Chelsea reserves when stationed in London.

Thomas Wann (see photo above) after the raid in Barce North Africa 1942.  He was seriously injured with a fractured spine when his jeep went over the blind side of a razorback dune falling some 20 feet and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair.


Ian Wann onboard HMS Euryalus in Singapore 1971