Stanley in Uniform Photos 6

  Picture 1 - Bill Stevenson  (thanks to Will Stevenson for this one)

  Picture 2 - Dave O'Brien    (thanks to Dave O'Brien

  Picture 3 - Dave O'Brien           for these 3)

  Picture 4 - James O'Brien - 1942

Bill Stevenson front left whilst serving in the RAF in Egypt in the 1940's.

Patrol Leader Dave O'Brien 24th Perth (Stanley) Boy Scouts.

Dave O'Brien on the left during his National Service days in the RAF.

AB Gunner James O'Brien killed in action at sea onboard the County Class cruiser HMS Dorsetshire  on the 5th April 1942.  Along with HMS Cornwall she was sunk by Japanese Dive Bombers in the Indian Ocean 320 km southwest of Ceylon. She was hit by 10 bombs and sank quickly at 1350 on the 5th April 1942.  234 men were killed in the attack and more than 500 survived in the water on rafts to be picked up later by other ships.  The previous year, on the 27th May 1941 HMS Dorsetshire dealt the coup de grace  to the German battleship Bismarck by launching three 21 inch torpedoes after the Bismarck had been attacked some days earlier by British ships in the Battle of the Denmark Strait.  HMS Dorsetshire along with HMS Maori gallantly picked up 110 survivors from the Bismarck but had to scatter following a U boat alarm.