Stanley in Uniform Photos 5

  Picture 1 - 1945  (thanks to Ewan Carr for these 2 photos)

  Picture 2 - 1946

  Picture 3 - Army Cadets (thanks to Margaret Reiche for this photo)

  Picture 4 - Stanley Nurses (thanks to Valerie Wells for this photo)

Cadet Officer Ewan Carr gets his fortune told at Stanley sale of work in 1945.

ex POW'S from Stanley being entertained by the village Doctors in the Royal George Hotel Perth.  I can see Charlie Miller, Doctor McDonough (with moustache) and Mr A H Hughes (Headmaster of Stanley School also with a moustache) all in the back row. Front row 2nd right Norrie Mitchell.   Quote from Ewan Carr: "Most of the Stanley soldiers were in (I think) the 51st.Highland Division and taken POW at St. Valery ,before Dunkirk, and spent virtually the whole war in POW  Camps returning to the village probably in the middle of 1945"

Army Cadets marching through Dunkeld.  Trevor Reiche is in the centre front rank.

Myra Carmichael and Valerie Wells