Stanley in Uniform Photos 3

  Picture 1 - 1942/43 (thanks to Margaret Millar for this photo)

  Picture 2 - Tayside Police

  Picture 3 - Great War Christmas Card

  Picture 4 - 1939

Home Guard dance in Stanley 1942/43.  Names to follow but I can see John and Phyllis Culbert on the  left and Jim and Gert West 3rd and 4th left in the front row.

Sgt Pate Cameron Tayside Police.

Great War Christmas Card sent to Stanley Public School for my Father who was then aged 5

Jim Donaldson  called up to the National Fire Service during WWII (photo taken in the gardens in King St with the Manse just behind). He had a brother in the Navy, another in the Army and 2 in the RAF at that time.