Stanley in Uniform Photos 1

  Picture 1 - Wull Cameron  (thanks to Peter Cameron for these two photos)

  Picture 2 - Wull Cameron - Royal Tank Regiment

  Picture 3 - Mill Street   (thanks to John Ferry for these two photos)

  Picture 4 - Dunked ACF 1969

Wull Cameron.  Sergeant in Royal Tank Regiment.  Enlisted 24 September 1940.  Army No 7919110

Wull Cameron and mates.

John Ferry outside his house in Mill Street. 

Dunkeld ACF 1969    Back: L to R  A Scott, J Reid,  J Thom, J Alexander, J Ferry, L Smith, R Robb.  Middle:  C Menzies, J Alexander,  C MacDonald, D Lauder, G Lennon, A Lewis, T Reiche.   Front: D Stewart, G Dewar, ? Devine, A O'Brien, R Dunbar, T Scott, J Henderson. (thanks to George Lennon for the names)