Stanley Pub Photos 7

  Picture 1 - 1980's (thanks to Stewart Myles for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 1990's (thanks to David Brough for these three photos)

  Picture 3 - 1990's

  Picture 4 - 1990's

Dominoes presentation in the Strathord  L to R:  Kate Alexander, Violet Lennon, Mona Myles, Tam Coleman, Ray Northcott, Bob Robertson, Les Allan, Tam Drummond.

Strathord Dominoes presentation.  L to R:  Betsy Brough, David Brough (Publican), Wullie Robertson & Stewart Dunbar.

Typical scene in the Strathord.  Jimmy Davidson (arm outstretched), Tam Moran, Lush Smith, George Laird, Jack Grant & Eddie Taylor.


Danny Robertson makes his contribution to the Florida Holiday fund.