Stanley Pub Photos 1

  Picture 1 - 1969 Tayside Hotel

  Picture 2 - Clarkies

  Picture 3 - Tayside Hotel

  Picture 4 - Tayside Hotel  (thanks to Fred McKerchar for these 4 photos)

Back: L to R:  Bob Lennon, Ally McGillvray, Stuart (Scooby) Dunbar.   Front:  George Cowie, Fred McKerchar.

L to R:  Mona Myles, Bert Collier, Babs Collier, Jim McKerchar, Annie McKerchar, Archie Stewart, Millie Stewart & Dave Myles in Clarkies.

L to R: Annie McKerchar, Ally McGillvray, Mary Dunbar, Stuart Dunbar & Violet Lennon in the Tayside.

L to R:  Barney, Bob Franzec & Archie Stewart outside the Tayside.