Stanley Church Photos 19

  Picture 1 - Christmas - 1991

  Picture 2 - 1950's (thanks to Ray Northcott for this photo)

  Picture 3 - Church Fete 

  Picture 4 - Church Fete

Preparing for a Christmas Party.  L to R:  Mairi Scott, ??, Isobel Baxter, Eileen Thomson, Beth Kennedy, Isobel (MacLauchlan) McGregor, P Hermann, Jane Rattray, Isobel Hunter, Mrs McNab.  Girl in front unknown.

Sunday School Picnic.  Back L to R: John Culbert, ?? Kathleen Cameron(?), Donella Firth, Kathleen Ritchie, Norma Fraser, Lorna West, Mary Haimes, Wanda Kilgour(?), ??, Mrs McLeish, Alvin Dickson. Middle:  Ian Culbert, Gordon Jolly, Sandy Wells, Ray Northcott, ??, Ian McIntosh, Norrie Collier, Gordon Howie, Alan Wells, Ernest Anderson, Rev Nairn McLeish.  Front:  Frances Donaldson, ? Menzies, Maureen Farquharson, ??, Maureen West, Jeanette Davidson, Betty Menzies, Carol Cowie, Sheena Morton.

Church Fete.  Back: L to R May Evans, Fergie Mitchell, Beth Kennedy, Mary Duff, Isobel Hunter, ? MacLean, Olive Chisholm.  Seated:  Mrs Davidson, L Duff, Gillian Duff.

Church Fete.  L to R:  Elizabeth Cameron, Liz McKerchar, Beth Kennedy, Isobel Hunter, Nancy Merchant.