Stanley Church Photos 13

  Picture 1 - 1982 (thanks to Margaret Paterson nee McNab for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 1960's (thanks to Kate Gairns for photos 2 and 3)

  Picture 3 - 1960's

  Picture 4

  L to R: Mrs McNab, ??, May Grant, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Davidson  Mrs Reid.

Church Sunday School Picnic.  In this photo are Alice Panton, Jean Carmichael, Phemie Carmichael, Graham, Catherine and Alan McCabe and ? Dunbar.

Church Sunday School Picnic.  L to R:  ??, Cathy Brindle, M Cameron, Madge Mitchell, Mrs Cameron, Mrs Ruxton.

In this photo are Mrs Whyte, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Campbell, Mrs McCraw, Mrs Johnston, Miss Hunter and on the front row. Phyllis Scott is first left and Mrs E Thomson extreme right.