Stanley Church Photos 12

  Picture 1 - (thanks to Winifred Sinclair nee Hutton for this photo)

  Picture 2 - 07.07.07

  Picture 3 - Church clock mechanism (thanks to Eilean Thomson for this photo)

 Picture 4 - 1983 (thanks to Margaret Paterson nee McNab for this photo)

  Inside view of Tower Church.

Fiona Maclean (McConnell).

Stanley Church clock mechanism.  This clock was gifted to the church and only two were ever made.  The other clock is in Russia.

Top of the Kirk quiz.  Runners up - the Sunday School teachers who are in this photo.  Back  L to R:  Jim Shaw, Mrs McNab, John Culbert, Sam McGowan  Front:  Rev Graham, Phyllis Scott, Captain Scott, Mrs McCraw.