Stanley Church Photos 8

  Picture 1 - 1950's   (thanks to Margaret Taylor nee Blake

  Picture 2 - 1955        for these four photos)

  Picture 3 - 1950's

  Picture 4 - 1960's

  Cathy Kettles, Beth Kennedy, Margaret Blake and either Peter or Michael Stott.

Sunday School Christmas Party.   Back.  L to R:  Hilary Stevenson, Pauline Fertacz, Phyllis Morton, Sandra West, Donna Farquharson, Ian Fraser, Leslie Taylor, Lindsay Roy, Mike Fertacz, Ian Wells.  2nd back.  Ingrid Stevenson, Michael Kilgour, Jimmy Culbert, May Welsh, Lesley Donaldson, Sybil Dunbar, Dod Jolly, Miriam Davidson, Gladys Anderson, ? McMorran, Jimmy McMorran. 3rd back:  Jimmy Davidson, Doe Davidson, Raymond Northcott, Brian Roy, Anne Fertacz, George Cowie, Margaret Davidson, Richard Cameron, Jimmy Mitchell, John Davidson, Alex Duncanson.  Sitting:  David Lowrie, Ronald Northcott, Edna Allan, Yvonne Robertson, Helen Edwards, Gordon Stewart, Stuart Dunbar, John Robb, Ann Lowrie, Werner Reiche.

Sunday School Picnic at Crieff.  Back L to R:  Beth Kennedy, Raymond Northcott, ??, Ian Wells, Neil Donaldson, John Robb, Sandra West, Ian Culbert, John Turner, Jimmy Simpson, Jimmy Culbert, ??, George Cowie.  2nd back row:  Cathy Kettles, Jo-Anne Lennon, Michael Kilgour, Werner Reiche, Peter Stott, Hilary Stevenson, Phyllis Morton, Ann Gourlay, ? Bendall, Margaret Kay, Anne Fertacz, ??, Lindsay Ross, Margaret Blake.  3rd row:  Ingrid Stevenson, Graham Northcott, Stewart Dunbar, Sybil Dunbar, Sandra Graham, Dennis Graham, Ronald Northcott, Pauline Fertacz.  Front:  Donna Farquharson, ??, Willie Burns, Leslie Taylor, Johnny Davidson, Doe Davidson, Johnny Graham, Miriam Davidson,  Gladys Anderson, Brian Roy.  Bottom right:  Mary Kyle.

Sunday School Christmas Party.  Help with names required. I can recognise (Jennifer?) McConnell 2nd left in the back row.  Eileen Scott in the centre of the middle row and (?) Buchan 2nd left in the front row.