Stanley Church Photos 5

  Picture 1 - Church Operetta

  Picture 2 - Sunday School Picnic

  Picture 3 - Wee Free Kirk

  Picture 4 - 1950's (thanks to Jim Harvey for this photo)

 Back:  Joyce Buchan, Alison Stewart, ? Gow, Kathryn Gourlay, Caroline Brown, Donna Farquharson, Jane Murray.  Front:  ? Ferguson, J Mitchell, ? Davidson,           ? Gow.

Sunday School picnic?  Front row extreme right Alison Firth and next to her Gloria McKinlay.

Back:  L to R:  Buff Harrington, Jimmie Dunbar, Hamish Morrison, Tom Symon, Margaret Collier, Jean McIntosh, Margaret Jeffrey, Ian Graham, Davie Stein, Peter Cameron, Donald Morrison, Norrie Collier, Albert Harvey, Billy Smith.  Front:  Ian McIntosh, Davie Jeffrey, Ian Forbes, Anne  Dunbar, ??, ??, Davie Graham.

Stanley Church Choir taken outside Perth City Hall.  Back: L to R  Jean Stewart, Mrs Sutherland, Beth Kennedy.  Middle:  Alex Scott, Mary Bryson, Madge Mitchell, Mary McArthur, Helen Robb, May Evans, Joey Mentiply.  Front:  Margaret Harvey, Mrs Cramb, Maggie Christie, Jessie Christie, Leslie Coutts, Cathy Kettles, Beth Farquharson.