Stanley Church Photos 3

  Picture 1 - Church Fete   (thanks to Kate Gairns for

  Picture 2 - Church Fete     these two photos)

  Picture 3 - Kirk 150 years celebration   (thanks to Isobel Hunter

  Picture 4 - Top of the Kirk Quiz                 for these two photos)

 Andy Smith and Abby Duff.

L to R:  Mary Rennie, Isobel Baxter and Nancy Morris.

Back: L to R:   May Evans, Mrs Mitchell, Beth Kennedy, Mary Duff, Miss Hunter, Mrs McLean, Miss Smith, Miss Chisholm.    Front:  Mrs Davidson, Mrs L Duff, Miss G Duff.

Back L to R:  Mr A Paton,, Rev Ron Greig, Mrs M Paton, Jean Stewart, Mrs McCraw, Mr S McGowan,  Front:  Mrs I McGregor, Mrs MacNab, Miss I Hunter.