Stanley Church Photos 2

  Picture 1- Stanley Church Choir  (thanks to Beth Kennedy for these 3 photos)

  Picture 2 - Rev William Cochrane Malcolm

  Picture 3 - Stanley Church Drama Group

  Picture 4 - Church Choir - 1982 (thanks to Margaret Reiche for this photo)

Back L to R: Mrs McNab, Isobel Hunter, Mr Brunton, ??, Beth Kennedy, ??, Olive Chisholm.  Front:   Mrs Thomson, Jean Stewart, Sandra White, Abby Duff, Mrs Reiche.   

 Reverend William Cochrane Malcolm.  Stanley Minister from 1888 to 1917 until his death in office.

L to R:  Captain Scott, Alec Nicoll, Stewart Robnertson, Mrs Scott, Beth Kennedy, Arlene ?, Mrs Graham, Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Ritchie,  Mr Paton.  Sitting:  Miss Thain, Mrs Rennie, Kate Stephen, Jennifer Robertson, Mrs McCraw.

L to R:  Jean Stewart, Margaret Reiche, May Evans, Elizabeth Thomson, Mrs McNab, Isobel Hunter, Beth Kennedy, Mrs E Thomson, Mrs McCraw, Olive Chisholm.