Stanley Football Photos 17

  Picture 1 - 1930's

  Picture 2 - 17th May 2014 (thanks to Will Stevenson for these three photos)

  Picture 3 - 17th May 2014

  Picture 4 - 18th May 2014

St Johnstone football team managed at that time by Tom Muirhead enjoy a social evening in Stanley where they indulged in indoor games with the local Recreation Club. There were some keen contests and afterwards a dance was held at which there was a large company.  (Older Saints fans can possibly put a date to this event). 

Will Stevenson who travelled all the way from Perth WA for the final sent this photo showing his brother Chick (top left) niece Emma and sisters Shirley, Hilary and Ingrid.  Must be at the end of the game because the Dundee Utd end is empty.

A former Stanley man (now Dunkeld) and a well known Rangers supporter at the Saints Scottish Cup Final game with friend.

Will Stevenson and St Johnstone manager Tommy Wright in the Kirkside Bar in Perth.  Will says he tried to tap him for the left wing next season.