Stanley Football Photos 14

  Picture 1 - 1955 (thanks to Ron Gourlay for these three photos)

  Picture 2 - 1956

  Picture 3 - 2008

  Picture 4 - 21st April 1986 (from Jim Donaldson)

 Stanley City Boys team - May 1955 beaten by Muirton YC in the PA Cup Final on the South Inch.  Back  L to R: Ian Merchant, Hugh Miller, Bruce Culbert, Andy Wallace, John Gardiner, Lawrence Smith, David Brown.  Front:  Ron Gourlay, Ally Ritchie, Bob Smith, Yoyo Blackley, Peem Scott.

Stanley City Boys team - May 1956 won the Norie Miller Cup Final Replay.  Back L to R:  John Gardiner, Bruce Culbert, David Brown, Andy Wallace, Jim Kettles, Lawrence Smith.  Front: Eric Anderson, Jim Gardiner, Stewart Wightman, Ernie Miller, Peter Panton.

Ross Mitchell (his Grandad Ron Gourlay is in photo 1 above) carries on the footballing tradition and shows off the under 17 cup his team (Luncarty) won when playing  in the Easter Holland Cup played over the Easter weekend in the Netherlands.  Luncarty under 17's were undefeated in the competition. Teams were from the Netherlands, Germany, England and of course Luncarty! 

Raymond Stewart on the cover of the West Ham United programme for the game against Newcastle United on Monday 21st April 1986.  This was an unusual game besides West Ham beating Newcastle 8 -1 (Raymond scored one goal) as Newcastle also used three goalkeepers - one of them being the current England midfielder at the time -  Peter Beardsley.  Have waited years for this to be a pub quiz question, not only about the score but about the number of keepers used, but it's never been asked!  I was in London  onboard HMS Yarmouth (at that time the  oldest frigate in the fleet) during her final UK port visit prior to being scrapped and we had a festival of football that weekend.  Friday night was a visit to Southend Utd (Arthur Williamson's old club - at that time managed by another football legend - Bobby Moore), Saturday was Spurs V Man Utd - a dull 0 - 0 draw although both teams had a number of internationalists in their side.   Sunday was the Milk Cup Final QPR V Oxford Utd (Robert Maxwell's era) and finally the West Ham game.  After leaving the ground and heading to the Duke of Edinburgh pub for a pint a taxi driver asked us the score and when we told him 8 - 1 his reply was unprintable - except to say he didn't believe us.  I was also at the return fixture on the 30th November 1986 at St James's Park with my Father and sitting two seats in front of us in the stand was Raymond's Dad, Archie.  The score at that game was Newcastle Utd 4 - West Ham Utd 0.