Stanley Football Photos 11

  Picture 1 - 1948

  Picture 2 - 1957/58  (thanks to Peter Panton for these two photos)

  Picture 3 - 1956 (approx)

  Picture 4 - 1935-36 - Perth Roselea

Some Stanley lads in this photo.  Alan Donaldson extreme left front row and Abby Duff centre in front row. (I'm trying to get the original to get a better copy)

Luncarty Juniors winners of Currie Cup Winners 1957/58.  Again a few Stanley lads in this photo.  Back.  L to R: Ernie Miller. Sandy Wann (who also played for Man City), Bob Kettles, Jack Smillie, Andy Allan, Eddie O'Brien.  Front:  Jimmy Coburn, Alec Wilkie, Davie Reid, Ernie Mitchell, Peter Panton.

Stanley City Boys.  Back.  L to R:  Forbes Gourlay (Manager) Jim Kettles, Lawrie Smith, Sandy Wann, Norrie Martin, Jimmy Gardiner, Dave Brown, Drummer Smith.  Front:  Eric Anderson, Ernie Mitchell, Jimmy Campbell, Willie Buist, Peter Panton.

Some Stanley lads in this photo. Back L to R:  J Gregor, A Stewart, L Smith, J Donaldson (Capt), J Christie, J McLeish.  Front:  J McKerchar, H Thomson, I Gray, J Christie, G McLagan.