Stanley Football Photos 9

  Picture 1 - Stanley Juveniles 1922/23  (thanks to Graham Buchanan for this photo)

  Picture 2 - Stanley Juveniles (thanks to Margaret Melville for 

  Picture 3 - Stanley Juveniles          these 2 photos)

  Picture 4 - Luncarty FC 1931-32

Back:  L to R: J Taylor (Trainer), W Cowie, G Ford, W Kettles.  Middle:  Hector Dunbar, Alex McGregor, Jackie Stewart, Davie Williamson, Mr E Wheeler (President).  Front: J Cameron, Arthur Carmichael, Jim Lennon, Jim Smith, Peter Jack, Geordie Hunter.

Back:  L to R: Graham Northcott, the late Duncan Lennon, the late Johnny Davidson, Ian Lennon, ??, (?) Mitchell, ??.  Front:  the late Ian O'Brien, Mo Morton, Gordon Lennon, the late Jim Lennon, ??.

In this photo is  Linda Lennon, Ann McKerchar, Hilda Scott,  Kate Robertson Margaret Melville and Lisa Hughes. 

A few Stanley lads in this photo.  The late Jim Donaldson had the original for around  50 years but someone borrowed it and didn't return it to him (probably around the time of the Luncarty Centenerary celebrations in 1986).   If anyone out there's got it and would like to do the decent thing and return it to me then no questions would be asked and I'd make you another copy for yourself.