Stanley Football Photos 8

  Picture 1 - Stanley Juveniles 1979    (thanks to Will Stevenson  for photos 1 & 2)

  Picture 2 - Arthur Williamson - Stanley Footballing Legend

  Picture 3 - West Ham Utd (thanks to Peter Cameron for this photo)

  Picture 4 - Stanley Juniors 1950's (thanks to the West Family for this photo)

 Stanley Juveniles 1979.  Back L to R:  Larry Whytock, Jimmy Davidson, Steve Cormack, Jimmy Alexander, Kenny Taylor, Ronnie Northcott, Doug Anderson, Doug Ewan.  Front:  Willie Stevenson, John Williamson, Alan Donald, Sandy Fraser, Stuart Swan.  This photo was taken at Jeanfield Park before a cup final against Scone Thistle that Stanley won 2 - 0.  Scorers were Jimmy Davidson and Doug Ewan.  Strips courtesy of Terry Clark - Clarkies Bar.

Arthur Williamson  played 287 games for Southend United between 1955 to 1961.  He holds the record for the most consecutive games at Southend (over 200).  He also played for Clyde.

Raymond Stewart is in the centre of the middle row in this West Ham Utd photo.  (Sir) Trevor Brooking is 2nd left in the back row and Frank Lampard (Snr) middle row 2nd left.  No need to tell you that Raymond also played for Scotland .

Stanley Juniors 1950's.  Back:  L to R: Jimmy Dunbar, Charlie Duff, Andy Gibson, Arthur Williamson, ??, Alex Ross, Jimmy Mitchell, Lawrence Smith, Duncan McKerchar, ??, Bill Campbell.  Front:  Bill Morrison, Jackie Tobit, Jim West, Drew Ross, Eddie O'Brien.  This photo was taken where the old village hall was in East Brougham Street and the houses at the back are Murray Place.