Stanley Football Photos 2

  Picture 1 - Stanley City Boys 1952

  Picture 2 - Murthly Amateurs 1952

  Picture 3 - 1950's (thanks to Pate Cameron for photos 3 and 4)

  Picture 4 -  Stanley City Boys 1899 

Stanley City Boys 1952 - Back: L to R   J Gardiner, R Culbert, J Goodall, A Wallace, D Brown, M Millar.  Front:  F Gourlay (Manager) R Gourlay, R Smith, P Scott, J Allan,  A Allan.

Murthly Amateurs 1952 - Winners of the League and the Ashleigh Cup.   L to R:  Chick Ford, B Strachan, Archie Stewart, J Robb, J McFarlane (President),  J Cross, Ian Brown, R Bendall, J Wilson, Sam Duff, Ginger Leiper (Manager)  (Thanks to Mike McEwan from Australia for this one).

Alex Baird, Bill Cameron and Johnny Taylor.  Three  Stanley City Boys football players out on the town.

Stanley FC 1899.   Back:   R Stewart, A Currie, A Honeyman, P Stewart, W Robertson. Front: J Gillies, J Younger, W Angus, F Gourlay, D Anderson, G Christie, T Dick, G Fraser, T Hunter.