Stanley Football Photos 1

 Picture 1 - PA Cup Final 1965 (thanks to Jo-Anne Jolly for this photo)

 Picture 2 - Stanley FC Dance 1973 (thanks to John  Ferry for this photo)

  Picture 3 - Errol Rovers 1969/70 (thanks to Jack Ford for this photo)

  Picture 4 - Stanley Juveniles V Saints (thanks to Abby Duff for this photo)

Back: L to R:  Tony Ross, Dunc Kennedy, Willie Renwick, Gordon Lennon, Dod Jolly, Ian O'Brien.  Front:  Tommy Ford, Ian McIntosh, Cammy Hughes, Mike Fertacz, Dougie Campbell.

15 June 1973 Stanley FC Football Dance -Tayside Hotel. Scooby Dunbar extreme left.  Any more names?

Errol Rovers    Back: Glenn Ford (Stanley), Gavin Redford, ??,  Euan Syme, ??, Dave Hutchison, Neal Scrimgeour.   Front: Ray Stewart (Stanley- later Dundee Utd, West Ham, Saints & Scotland), Colin McLean (Stanley), Willie Stevenson (Stanley), Steve Baxter (Luncarty), Ian Redford (later Rangers FC).

Stanley Juveniles V St Johnstone to celebrate the opening of the new football pitch in 1984.